Fashion on Demand Begins with Pyjamas

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Pyjama DesignsFashion has always been about someone high up dictating the rules and selecting the cuts, colours, prints and materials season after season. Whether you like it or not, fashion is a big monster and it feeds on trends. The consumer’s control does not exist and it seemed fashion would continue to exist this way, but then I saw a Kickstarter campaign that dares challenge the way fashion operates.

Pyjama Pajama won’t produce a cotoure collection, but will shake things up when children’s pyjamas are considered. I guess we have to start somewhere. The whole crowdsourcing movement promises complete control overt the product and the same principles apply to the creation of the pyjamas. You have people to create their own designs, choose their favourites and generally influence the outcome. I consider to be a hallmark in fashion, because for one the customer has a direct influence over the production process and the range of designs.

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Author: Sandrah Peterson

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