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Today the subject that concerns the saving of the planet is becoming more and more popular. That is why many people are beginning to install eco kitchens in their households. Most of these kitchens are made from recycled materials. Down bellow we have listed the most popular eco-made kitchens in case you are considering such a kitchen for your own house.


Kitchens made from recycled materials- In this type of kitchens both glass and stainless steel features are made out of recycled materials. By having such a kitchen you will reuse more than 70% of the materials necessary to built a kitchen. Kitchens made from sustainable timber- If you wish to have a kitchen with a more country appearance then you can go with sustainable timber as a building material. Energy efficient kitchens- Most people make the common mistake of leaving their appliances plug in, even though they are not using them. By having a kitchen full of energy efficient appliances you will be able to reduce your electricity bills and be eco-friendly at the same time.

Eco-friendly cleaning- Having an eco-friendly kitchen is not enough to help the preservation of the planet. That is why you should place recycle bins in your kitchen and clean the kitchen with eco-friendly products. Also once in a while you can hire cleaning firms that use non-toxic and non-chemical products. In terms of eco-friendly cleaners, Kingston Vale has several firms that you can hire. Therefore if you life in the area you won’t have a hard time finding affordable cleaners in Kingston Vale based that will be able to maintain your eco-kitchen with eco-friendly products. Salvage chic kitchens- Salvage kitchens are furnished with retro furniture that have are being reused. You can find good looking vintage furnishings at garage sales or antiquary shops. Keep in mind that by mixing various old styles you can create a really chic kitchen that will make your guests jealous.

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Author: Johanna Stevens

Johanna Stevens is a student in London. Her mother is working as a professional cleaner and she taught her daughter a lot of useful home cleaning recipes. Johanna is now determined to pass them to all readers, who are interested to make their home clean and tidy for less time than usual.

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