Do You Want to Sleep in Brad Pitt’s Bed?

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If one of your dreams is to lie in Brad Pitt’s bed, now you have the actual chance to do that. But don’t get overexcited, because I’m not talking about his real bed. Apparently, Brad Pitt decided to expand his talents and this week he launched his first furniture line. The actor collaborated with the famous furniture maker – Frank Pollaro.

The line consists of tables, chairs, a bathtub and a huge bed. This bed took around two years to be produced and now is a combination of king-sized mattress, glass-top side tables and wooden bench, which can seat a lot of family members (as you know Brad Pitt has many). Just imagine how hard it will be to clean it, but the London upholstery cleaning team will accept this challenge for sure. All the pieces of furniture are quite extraordinary, take for example a 17-foot-long zig-zag table and a glass table with a base made of pure gold.

But why such a high-class actor as Brad Pitt decided to become a designer? It seems that this is not just a celebrity’s whim, Pitt actually has been interested in architecture and design for quite a long time. He was first inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright and Charles Rennie Mackintosh when he was a student. Then one day Pollaro was installing a desk in the home of the actor and spotted his furniture design sketches. The two men decided to cooperate and make these sketches into real pieces of furniture.

Probably, lots of Brad Pitt’s fans would love to own at least one of these items, but unfortunately only the wealthier ones will be able to afford them. Just to have an idea of the prices, I will share with you that one of the chairs costs $45 000. Pollaro says that he is considering the recreation of the furniture in cheaper materials, suitable for mass-production.

Brad Pitt is so obsessed with design and architecture, that he shared in a recent interview that he wishes for his children to choose this vocation.

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