Cleaning Operations After England Riots

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fantastic cleanThe situation in the UK worsens as more and more riots occur across the country. The Association of British Insurers said that cost of repairing the damages in London alone can run into hundreds of millions of pounds.

The violence that has burst for the last few days and the huge amount of damages make hundreds of people to get brooms in their hands and go out of their home to take part in the cleaning operations after England riots and clean the British streets. Volunteers do their best to provide almost professional cleaning services London.

Twitter and Facebook again help people to unite in the sake of cleaning and restoring the affected areas across England. People use the social networking to organize and co-ordinate cleaning operations across the country.

Unfortunately, many homes and cars have been burned which makes more and more people be afraid of what will happen tomorrow and who will suffer this time. Citizens living in the affected areas of the city are having a hard time to sleep at night because of fear that rioters might fire the buildings that are their homes.

Although British government claim that they will deal with the situation in the country, people start asking questions and no one gives an answer. How long will rioters continue destroying the country and how will this serious problem be solved without causing more victims? We don’t know the answers of these and many more questions yet.

The only thing we can do is to get a broom and go out to make out beautiful cities fantastic clean again. Don’t wait any more England streets need help…your help.

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