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Clothes, upholstery, curtains, carpets etc. – all of these items are made of fabric that need to be cleaned from time to time. But some  are more delicate than others, some require special treatment, some shouldn’t be washed and so on. That is why you need to check the material the carpet or upholstery is made from and find the most appropriate way to clean it without any damages. Here is a list of the usual fabrics and some tips for their maintenance, given by Chiswick expert cleaners.

Cotton Fabric

That kind of fabric need to be washed with not so warm or cold water as the heat makes it shrink. Use an all-purpose cleaning detergent and do not stretch the fabric when washing and drying.


The items made of polyester, nylon, spandex and other synthetic materials can be washed in any temperature. Also they are resistant to water based stains. The problem with such fabric is the static electricity which may cause permanent creasing if you put them in the dryer on a high temperature. That is why you should wash them with warm water and ordinary washing detergent and dry them outside.

Wool Fabric

This kind of fabric usually is very resistant and keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. However when is washed with hot water the fabric shrinks and that is why it should be washed with cold water. It is better to wash them on hand instead of using the washing machine and dry them outside instead of using the dryer.


It is made of the protein fibers of the butterfly larvae and is very soft and delicate. Therefore this fabric requires strong attention when cleaning. It should be washed on hand with a soft detergent and cold water and dried outside.


This fabric is made of wooden material containing chemicals. When washed incorrectly the fabric of the rayon may loose its color, shrink or be damaged. The items made of this fabric should be washed on hand with soft washing detergent and cold water and dried outside instead of using the dryer.

Linen Fabric

Similar to the cotton fabric the linen fabric also swells when it comes in contact with water. The higher the water’s temperature is the more the fabric swells. The linen fabric should be washed on hand with warm water and soft washing detergent and dried outside. Also it requires to be ironed before using it as it easily gets creased.
Carpet cleaning companies in Chiswick recommend to ask the professionals before trying to do something and harm the fabrics. Professional cleaners have the training and knowledge needed to provide you the information and advices needed for harmless carpet or upholstery cleaning.
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