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Green cleanersIt is important to keep your carpet clean, and steam cleaning is a great way to achieve that. Improperly performed, steam cleaning may not produce such results as we have expected, so here are some tips how to get the most out of steam cleaning your carpet.

Before steam cleaning your carpet, vacuum it in order to get rid of loose dirt. If the carpet is heavily soiled, which easily happens in traffic areas, use a cleaning product to spray these areas before steam cleaning. There are many cleaners on the market that foam and lift stuck dirt, soils and grease. Using a cleaner as a pretreatment will help the steam cleaner to get your carpet even cleaner.

Once you have vacuumed, and pretreated all stains with a specialized cleaning product, prepare the cleaning solution for the steam cleaner as recommended by manufacturer. It is a good idea to move the steamer slowly as allowing the machine to wet the carpet and giving it enough time to suck up grease and dirt. Very dirty carpet might need professional steam cleaning, so consider hiring a cleaning company such as carpet cleaning Parsons Green.

There are three steps to follow when using a smaller unit, and here are they:

  1. Use the machine on spray mode in order to spread the cleaning solution all over the surface of your carpet.
  2. Go over the carpet while spraying and sucking the water up.
  3. Lastly, remove any moisture that has left with the steamer without spraying feature on.

If you use a larger machine, then all you have do is to follow its direction. If you face difficulties to work with it, you can hire Parsons Green cleaners to clean your carpet instead of you.

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