Building a Stone Planter

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The addition of a stone planter to your drive or yard entrance is an excellent way to draw attention to your garden and house and impress all your visitors and passers by. A stone planter might seem like an engineering and masonry achievement but in fact, if you have the basic skills, the materials which are not many at all and the necessary space, then you got it made.


Start with a plan, make a sketch of the feature and the way you want it to stand in your gateway or entrance. This doesn’t have to be a proper blueprint with all the lines and dimensions, the basic outlook and the main measurements will suffice and be enough to guide you – remember a small building experience in the past will be of much needed help here. Construction is a dirty business, no not the permit bribes, but the mess you will be bringing to the house through your work boots and clothes, relax – some mortar and some soil on the house floor is something normal and inevitable, this shouldn’t cause you to cancel the project but only to endure some nagging from your wife, if this is the case then redeem yourself and call in some cleaning companies in Tulse Hill can get you out of this pickle and bring the smile back to your wife’s dial.

They employ courteous and friendly cleaners who have been very happy with their regular services and work punctuality. Using the sketch you made, determine the rough number of blocks or bricks needed for the planter, make sure to stock at least five extra units in case you brake or cut some of them wrong. Next up is to lay out the foundation of the planter, do so using some of the bricks or blocks and line out the base of the construction, once you do the necessary adjustments and you are happy with the shape and size it’s time to dig out the hole for the foundations. Then level the base of the hole and get on with the bricklaying work.

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