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book-heaven-at-homeEven though nowadays there are other ways to find and read an information you need, the book is still irreplaceable. Nothing can beat the feeling of opening a favourite book and smelling its pages. A book can enrich your knowledge, imagination and personality, like no technology will. A collection of books can say a lot about its owner. The perfect home library brings life to your home décor and creates comfort, because it unites colours, style and your favourite literature.

What type of bookshelves to choose


The home library is different in every apartment or house, just like the inhabitants are different from each other. In some homes the library is formed by horizontal shelves, located one above the other, in order to host only one or two books, not a whole pile.

With Many Compartmentsbookshelf-compartments

Other libraries consist of a huge bookshelf, separated in square compartments. The books in it can be arranged both vertically and horizontally. This type of bookshelf should be diversified with additional items, such as photo frames, pencil holders, boxes and so on.


You can also choose a vertical bookshelf, but you should know that it is for smaller collections or personal selections.


If you want to have a unique home library, you can choose more unusual and creative bookshelves. You can find some very interesting designs and you should choose the one, which will be most suitable for your home décor.


If you live in a small apartment, you can use the upper part of the walls for your home library. Install bookshelves alongside all the walls in a room and arrange the books vertically. This will save a lot of space, because the library will be above windows, doors and furniture. The only disadvantage is that you should always keep a chair or a ladder nearby, which will help you reach the books.

How to organize your books

The right organization of the books is one more way to emphasize the style of your home décor. You can sort them by colour, genre or size. Another option is to put them in alphabetical order, but don’t forget the symmetry. If you want you can alternate vertically and horizontally positioned books or you can arrange them in piles like a pyramid.


Another good idea is to put the bigger books in both ends of the shelf and in the middle place the smaller ones.

How to take care for your books

If you want to enjoy your book heaven longer, you will need to take care of it regularly. Don’t expose the books to direct sunlight, because it will make their pages yellow with time. London flat cleaning experts advise to remove the dust off the books on a regular basis, but use only a dry cloth.organized-books

You should also have in mind that high temperature and humidity are one of the worst enemies of books, therefore maintain moderate temperature in the room, where the library is located. Also try to leave some space between the different piles of books, so the air can circulate around the shelves.

Reading Cornerreading-corner-1

You won’t need a lot of space to create a reading corner at home. No matter what its size is, the reading corner will surely make the atmosphere cosier. This place should be near a window, because natural light is essential for good reading and healthy eyes. The easiest way to create a reading corner is to put a comfortable armchair and a small coffee table near a window. Add a soft blanket and a couple of pillows and the reading corner is ready.reading-corner-4

You can also use the space under the stairs or an old closet for the purpose, as long as you feel cosy in it. Just make sure to provide a reliable lighting source and a comfortable place to sit.reading-corner-2

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