Best Ways to Lose Weight While Cleaning

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home cleaning makes you fitStrange as it may seem, but cleaning is a good way to lose weight. The best part of it is that all your efforts result in both slim body and spotless home. Do you want to know the best ways to lose weight while cleaning?

If you change your cleaning routines once and for all, you can enjoy living in a clean home, and have a fit and stunning body. It may sound weird, but any domestic cleaning task can turn into a calories burning exercise. Here is how to do this.

Warming up – this is the first phase of any workout. It is highly recommended to warm up before you start any sofa cleaning, vacuuming, and etc. So open your arms wide and breath in and out 10 times. Now empty the trash bin, and dispose of it. You can warm up your legs climbing the stairs up and down for about 10 minutes. Or run around the house and pick up, declutter and so on.

Stretching – in order to avoid any cricks, you should stretch after warming up. Sit down, with your legs apart and reach your toes bending. Be gently, do not over stretch.

Dishwashing – you can now work for the upper part of your body – neck, arms, waist. Get your fingers into a fist and hold. Just move your waist, you can even dance. The more vigorously you do it, the better.

Vacuuming – when you intend to clean your carpets, start with sofa cleaning. Sofas attract dust and dirt, almost as much as carpets do. Vacuum your upholstery, remove the cushions, plump them. The trick here is to move your hands and legs constantly. Hop if you want, but you can practice a dance routine, just pick a song to play.

Is your home cleaning making you fit now?

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Hi all! I love cleaning, especially deep cleaning and I want to share with all of you my great experience that I've got since I was a little girl. Do you want to ask me any questions about cleaning? I'll be happy to answer all of them :)

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