April 10, 2019

8 Ways to Keep Your Bedroom Clean Once & for All!

deep-carpet-cleaningWe are all busy people. We use this lack of time as the perfect excuse to neglect the hygiene of our house, particularly the bedroom.

Why is bedroom the easiest target of neglect? We usually keep the guests in our living area.

In our stressful lives, our bedrooms usually are our safe havens. It is the place where we can rest, relax and recharge.

Cleaning your bedroom can seem difficult. This is why most of us keep putting it off until next week. The more time that passes, the harder it becomes to clean.

So pick up your cleaning tools, here we have 8 ways for you to keep your bedroom clean for good. (more…)

March 16, 2016

How to Reduce the Organic Waste in Your Home

Household Organic Rubbish is a Disaster

organic waste

You all have it in your home, if you don’t, it’s just temporary. After the next family meeting or holiday, you will be once again amazed at the amount of food waste that you can possibly generate. Some of it will form because of the food that you won’t be able to fully consume, another part will be the leftovers that you consider as inedible. No matter the source of the refuse, you will need to acquire the skills to deal with organic junk.