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Every time, when it comes the time for kitchen cleaning at the end of the tenancy period, a lot of questions start circle inside your head. Questions beginning with how, when etc. Before you start giving answers to each one of them you should figure another thing out. Are you going to delegate the cleaning to someone who is pro, or you are going to do all the work by yourself. The end of tenancy cleaning prices vary, but they could easily fit anybody’s pocket.

Now here are few tips how to keep your kitchen clean at all times during the whole period of your residence. You can use baking soda to give the shiny look of your stainless sink back. Simply apply and leave it to sit for a period of time. After that simply use the sponge and give the treated surface a nice good scrub. In order to get the shiny look of your porcelain sink you can place paper towels at the bottom and saturate with bleach. Leave it to sit like that for a night. After the refrigerator is well cleaned you could put baking soda in the back. It will kill the odours. Another way to get rid of bad odours in the refrigerator or the freezer is few drops of vanilla extract on cotton cloth.

Keeping the kitchen clean at all times provides healthy environment at home. Managing such level of cleanliness at any time will have positive result at the end of tenancy clean look of the apartment. And most definitely will affect the end of tenancy cleaning prices, by pushing them down.

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Author: Robert Miles

Robert Miles is a young journalist in London – still student, but had a lot of experience. He is not a maniac when we talk about cleaning, but like every student has a lot of experience in hosting a parties. The guests can be different, but the stains are the same. Well, he is a journalist and almost an expert in the cleaning – maybe you should read some of his articles.

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