5 Ways Not to Use Vinegar

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In the last few years it has become quite popular to clean green and to use vinegar and other household products for this purpose. On the Internet, there are numerous articles about the use of vinegar and what a great job it does in the household chores. The thing is, though, that the sour liquid is not appropriate for cleaning anything.

Here are five tips on how not to use vinegar:

  • Although pure white distilled vinegar is good for cleaning almost everything, it shouldn’t be confused with soap. When you have to wash your dishes, or something else which is greasy, don’t replace the dish detergent with vinegar. The detergent is specially created for dish-washing and lifts the grease pretty easy from the surface of utensils and dishes, whereas vinegar will require more rubbing and the effect still won’t be the same.
  • Don’t use vinegar on waxed surfaces because it will strip the wax off and dull the shine of the surface.
  • It’s not wise to use vinegar on marble counter-tops as well. The sour liquid will make the stone pit and corrode.
  • Do not use vinegar to clean your laptop monitors or smartphone screens. They have a very thin oleophobic coating layer, which might get damaged.
  • Bleach and vinegar are great for cleaning purposes, but they should never be mixed together, because the mixture will emit poisonous chlorine gas. It was used in World War I as a chemical weapon.

Some of these tips may seem illogical and simple but believe me it is very important to follow them. Ask whichever cleaner in London you want and he will confirm them.

And remember, using natural products for cleaning is great, but always check if it is appropriate to use them in a certain situation.

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