Wooden Floors Are Really Not That Hard to Maintain

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Wooden floors are one of the most durable decorative elements in any household as they can endure high levels of foot traffic for years to come. Many homeowners are reluctant to install wooden floors in their homes because they think that their maintenance is too laborious and time and money consuming, but the truth is that they are wrong as wooden floors are relatively easy to maintain and to prove this fact to you, we will present you with some easy wooden floor cleaning techniques:

1. Cleaning untreated hardwood floors – begin by vacuuming the floor. To protect to floor surface from any unwanted scratches and marks use the vacuum’s soft brush. Then get a microfibre mop and damp it into a bucket full with clean water and wipe clean the wooden floor. If after the mopping some of the stains are still present, get a non-toxic wooden floor cleaning detergent and a soft cloth and rub the stains in order to remove them. When you are dealing with stains avoid using all purpose cleaners as they can cause more damage than good.

2. Maintaining wooden floors that are exposed to sunlight – this is a bit tricky but in no case complicated activity. The thing is to pull the curtains and close the blinds of your windows when you are not at home. Another option is to regularly change the carpet position and the furniture. This way no area of the floor will be exposed for too long to the sunlight. It may sound laborious but after all it is your home that you are attending to.

3. Finished wooden floors – finished wooden floors should get re-finished every five to ten years. If you don’t have the necessary tools for the task you can either rent them from a hardware store or hire professionals that offer wood floors installation based services to do the job. When it comes to wood flooring London have numerous highly qualified firms that you can hire.

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