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Wimbledon cleaners-upholstery cleaningCleaning is very important part of our lives. Although it takes considerable time from our busy daily schedules, and that time can be devoted to something else. Of course, there is no way around it, you have to clean, but if you do it right you can save yourself quite a lot of time and used it to do something else. That is why the manufacturers attach different labels on their products that advise you how to clean their product properly, so that you do them fast and without damaging them

If you have ever looked at the label on your upholstered furniture, you might have noticed a cleaning code on it. These cleaning codes tell the upholstery cleaning technician the method that the furniture recommends for cleaning. According to end of tenancy cleaning Wimbledon the codes are as follows:

* Code “S”
Code “S” indicates that the manufacturer recommends that the fabric be cleaned with a solvent based cleaner. This code is commonly found on materials like silk and polished cotton.

* Code “W”
Code “W” is probably the most common code. It indicates that water based cleaners can be used on the material. This code is common on synthetic materials like polyester.
* Code “SW”

Code “SW” indicates that low moisture methods should be used. Foam cleaning or dry cleaning would be the preferred method of cleaning.

* Code “X”
Code “X” means that the material should only be dry brushed and vacuumed. Water or solvent of any kind could damage it.

Of course, we should tell you that often cleaning codes are not accurate. Wimbledon cleaners claim that it is not uncommon to see a furniture set made from the same material and each one would have a different cleaning code on it. Cleaning codes do not take the place of a professional evaluation of the material to be cleaned.

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