The Most Time-Consuming Move Out Cleaning Chores

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Have you ever dealt with move out cleaning? Do you know which are the most time-consuming housecleaning chores in the end of your tenancy? Do you want to learn which are they? Read on then.


A lot of people skip the end of lease cleaning process, because they don’t have time to deal with cleaning. I absolutely understand them because I know how much time some of the chores take. Here is a short list from a move out cleaning London expert with the most time-consuming chores:

Carpet cleaning – this is undoubtedly the hardest cleaning task, and the one that takes time the most. One has a lot of work, as far as carpet cleaning is concerned. He/she has to: vacuum the flooring; remove the pet hair, if he/she has a cat or a dog; clean the rug with a solution or detergent thoroughly; remove the stains with proper cleaners; and dry and deodorise the flooring. This whole process might take up to two days.

Oven cleaning – if you choose to clean the oven with commercial cleaners, you might spend two or three hours rubbing and scrubbing. But if you decide to clean the appliance with a paste made of one cup baking soda, one tablespoon salt and half cup vinegar, then you will need not more than an hour and a half.

Bathroom cleaning – this can be a very difficult chore, especially if you have bathroom furniture, and lots of accessories and shelves on the walls. According to end of tenancy cleaners from London it can take you a whole day to freshen up everything in this room. That is why I have always preferred to keep my bathroom as simple as possible.

No matter how much time and efforts the above chores require, they must be accomplished if one wants to get his rental deposit back.

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