The Most Important Areas That Need a Good Cleaning on Your Way Out

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Every time, when it comes time to leave your current rental you have to take care of couple of stuff before you call the landlord for a look-around and return you the deposit. You can either perform the tenancy cleaning by yourself or you can ask some professionals to do it instead.
In case you decide to go with the first option here are some advices on which areas you have to pay attention.
The kitchen is always a place, that accumulates filth and is one of the places in the house you have to pay extra attention to. Cleaning up the appliances thoroughly, not only on the outside but inside as well, is imperative. The oven, refrigerator everything has to shine. Then you could start by moving the appliances away from the wall and take care of the dust accumulated there. Another thing that you have to take care of in the kitchen are the shelves. You have to remove all the cutlery and soak them in water mixed with a cleaning solution. Take everything from the drawers out and give them a good wipe-down.
Besides the kitchen, another crucial area is the bathroom. You have to clean thoroughly the shower glasses, toilet bowl, the sink, walls and the bath tub in case you have one. Use all sort of cleaning solutions that remove scale and disinfect.
If you still think that you can deal with all that then it’s a good idea to start. In case you changed your mind after all the words above, then it’s probably a good idea to call a cleaning company that could do a professional end of tenancy cleaning.
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