February 4, 2013

Valentines in a Cup

Nothing makes people closer than a long conversation over a hot cup of coffee or tea. And several sugar hearts in the beverage will add at least one more smile to your day. Just imagine the happiness on the face of your loved one, when he or she sees the floating little hearts in the favourite cup. And you can show your love with this sweet gesture not only on Valentine’s Day, but every weekend when you decide to prepare breakfast in bed for your soul mate.valentines-in-cup (more…)

February 1, 2013

DIY Valentine Hearts Garland

Today is the 1st of February, which means that there are only 2 weeks left until Valentine’s Day – one of my favourite holidays. I know that some people say that they don’t need a special day to celebrate their love, but to me this is a very intimate and beautiful holiday.


I even decided to decorate my home for the occasion. There is one completely white wall in my living room and it looks so boring and lonely ever since I removed the Christmas lights from it. So, I wanted to give a colourful touch to it and then I had the greatest idea – Valentine hearts garland. (more…)