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Chocolate is something that you don’t want on your carpet. It is tough to clean and improperly treated, leaves permanent marks. Chocolate seems like an absolute nightmare if it gets on your carpet, but by knowing how to deal with it, removing chocolate stains wouldn’t be as much of a problem.
You can call Clapham cleaners for advices, and skip those below, but be sure that these tips are as effective as those recommended by professionals. So, why not check them here:
First thing that you should do when removing chocolate stains from a carpet is to get rid of as much chocolate as possible with hands. However, be careful not to increase the stain size when applying step one. Blot the stained area with a solution prepared by mixing a spoonful of a neutral detergent and one cup of warm water. Press a cloth moistened in water against the stained area. Mix 1 volume of ammonia to 5 volume of water, and apply the solution onto the chocolate stain. The affected area is then rinse with water. If it is needed, repeat the entire process again.
Another method that you could use to remove chocolate stains from your carpet is to let the chocolate solidify. Once the chocolate is hard enough, use dull butter knife to scrape it off form the surface. The affected area is then continuously poured with hot water until the chocolate stain is completely removed.
All professionals, including carpet cleaning Clapham, advice to deal with a chocolate stain as soon as it is noticed in order to avoid the difficulties related with removing an old cocoa stain.

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