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end-of-tenancy-cleaning-balhamSadly, leaving the property you were occupying the way it is, after you’ve decide to move out of it is rarely possible. Most of the landlords that lease a property include in the lease contract a mandatory end of tenancy cleaning. If you haven’t do something like that until now do not worry there are cleaning companies that offer such kind of cleaning services.

If you plan to hire a company offering such services there are some things you should know before that. Finding a company like than is relatively easy all you need to do is search in the Internet for the right keywords end of tenancy cleaning in Balham, for example, if you live in that area.

Before booking the service be sure to interrogate as thorough as possible the phone operator about all the fees and sums you would have to pay. Also share all the necessary information about the property how big, how many rooms, bathrooms, address and etc. If you think of something that the phone operator forgot to ask you about, tell it. Although that is unlikely.

What you should do in order to make the end of tenancy cleaning as successful and quickly as possible? There isn’t a lot that needs to be done and it won’t be the end of the world if you don’t do it, but it help the Balham cleaners considerably. The things that you could do are defrosting the fridge and freezer, empty cupboards, drawers and other furnishing of their contents. Move objects that are heavier than 10-15 kg., the cleaners may charge you if they do it. Only if you do this you can expect satisfying cleaning results.

Know that if anything gets damaged by the cleaners in the process of cleaning they will probably return the cleaning deposit and pay for the damages.

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