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carpet cleaning camden - mould carpetThe mould growth is very common for many modern homes and buildings. The sources of mould are a lot and different. They can be either the usage of bad materials when the building was first build, or the lack of proper ventilation during the colder months. Of course, knowing what might be the source of the mould will help you to deal with it and prevent its re-appearance.

Usually the most common place for mould to grow are attics, basements and bathrooms, but that doesn’t mean it won’t show up on other places in your home, too. The living room isn’t in any way safe from the mould growth. But you have to know where to look for it before being too late. Cleaning experts in Camden gave some bits of advice on the matter. These tips may also apply to the bedrooms, dinning rooms and etc.

Wall boards are ideal for mould to grow on because they are made from paper and plaster like, fire resistant material called gypsum. If they get wet they are very difficult to dry out. And if the signs of mould are visible on the frontside then this means that the backside of the wall board is completely saturated with mould.

Carpets are also on of the places in your living room where you can find mould. And carpet cleaning professionals say it is quite normal thing to happen after all they can easily get wet from a spilled drink, pet’s urine, or leaky air-conditioner. And even though you may blot the wet stain on the top, the padding beneath remains damp allowing the mould to grow.

Radiators and areas around the radiators should be checked regularly for mould growth. Small cracks and bleeding valves can release moisture that will cause mould to grow.

Mould is really hard to clean off if not catch on time, so if you check often the rooms in your house and the places that mould growth is most likely to happen. If found it on time mould can be contained and easily remove, and in the same time preventing it from reappearing again.

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