Is Your Food Prepared Safe?

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christmas-dinnerIt’s already December and you can see Christmas decoration all around which undoubtedly creates festive atmosphere. Christmas is a special time of the year when we have more time for our family and friends. Unfortunately, many women face the problem of preparing holiday dinner which will be assessed by all guests. Cooking is an art so there is no need to worry if your meals aren’t the most delicious ones that you guests have ever eaten, but you should make sure that you follow some rules that guarantee that the food you prepare is germ free.

  • Wash your hands before getting down to cooking. Tina Smith, a manager from Cleaners London, recommend that you wipe the countertops before starting to cook. She also reminds that it’s very important to wash your hands frequently during the cooking process if you want to ensure that the food you prepare is really safe.
  • Keep raw meet separated from already prepared food and all other ingredients. Once you’ve prepared the meat for cooking, make sure that you wash your hands before touching anything else.
  • Wash all raw ingredients and place them in clean containers.
  • When preparing raw meat, experts from London advise you to use different chopping boards for the meat and for the other ingredients.
  • Don’t use one kitchen towel to dry your hands and wipe the countertops. To learn more about when you shouldn’t use kitchen towels you can read this article.
  • Use microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe your work surfaces and ensure that place it in your washing machine and wash it with hot water.

Following these simple tips you can be sure that the food you prepare is safe. And don’t forget that it isn’t necessary to cook the tastiest meals your guests will appreciate your desire and efforts to do everything yourself for Christmas dinner.

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