Is Leather Sofa a Practical Choice or a Whim?

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leather upholstered furniture is durableGetting leather couch appears to be a controversial topic. Most people love this material for its elegant look, but other say that leather furniture is nothing but a whim. Sure, there are solid arguments for both opinions but if you are about to buy a new sofa you might want to take a look at the article below and see the advantages and disadvantages of leather upholstery for yourself.

Leather in Home Interior

Leather is a fantastic interior choice – you can combine it with almost any kind of other materials and textures. It suits excellent both retro, traditional and contemporary designs. If you get leather coach for your home you won’t need to change in a few years if you decide to make living room make-over. If you go for smooth leather in classic solid colour like black, brown, greyish or beige you can easily change living room’s appearance just by new accessories or pillows so one can admit leather furniture is wise purchase when speaking of design.

Maintaining a Leather Couch

Leather is probably one of the most common materials for any use – from upholstery and clothes to shoes and many other items. It is not very surprising people prefer leather for both furniture upholstery and garments. It looks gorgeous and in the same time it is really easy to clean and maintain. Leather is very unlikely to stain. It doesn’t require washing, just gentle wiping with damp towel from time to time.

Durability of Leather

genuine leather is really toughLeather is not only easy to keep clean but if it is a quality, full-grain type leather it can last practically forever. This is a very strong material and with proper maintenance you can enjoy you leather sofa for many years. Natural leather looks even better over the time – it’s getting specific smooth, noble appearance. All you have to do in order to keep it in perfect condition is to wipe it every now and then. Just don’t forget to let the sofa dry completely before sitting on it again.

Also, after you wipe off the leather you will have to apply conditioner to preserve its natural oils from drying out. There are good commercial products in any store for car accessories. However, if you want you can even make green homemade conditioning product by yourself – there are tons of recipes on the internet. Regular conditioning is obligatory, if you want to prolong your leather furniture’s life.

Leather Furniture’s Price

This is probably the only thing that can be pointed as a huge disadvantage of leather furnishings. If you have decided to purchase quality, genuine leather couch or armchair you, keep in mind that this it will be quite costly. But speaking in long terms, getting leather sofa is smart investment due to qualities and durability of this material.

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