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If your vacuüm cleaner refuses to switch off, don’t panic and don’t beat yourself about it. Actually, it happens way more often than you think and luckily, it’s an easy repair. The same general principles apply to all switches, no matter what the model is.

You don’t need to be a part of a London cleaning team of professionals for fixing the machine. All you need is a new on/off switch and a screwdriver.

Step 1 – What Switch?

It’s important that you have the correct replace switch for your vacuüm cleaner. This means you need to know what model and make of the machine you have. The make is simple to find, and the model will usually be written on the front on the vacuüm cleaner.

Armed with this information, go to the hardware store to seek out a new on/off switch. If you can’t find one there, go online. There are hundreds of websites selling replacement parts. When you have your new switch, compare it visually with the old one to check that it’s right.

Step 2 – Accessing

Make sure the vacuüm cleaner is unplugged before you begin the repair. You need to be able to get to the on/off switch to remove it. In many cases it will be foot operated and in the base of the vacuüm. With some models it will be in the handle. Where this is the case, the switch and its surround will be held in by clips. Slide a flathead screwdriver under the surround and ease the switch out until it’s just dangling by the wires.

With a switch on the base the operation is more complex. You’ll need to unscrew and remove the sole plate at the bottom of the vacuüm cleaner and then take out the brush and belt. From here you’ll need to unscrew the cover to use the motor and the switches. Keep going until you have the on/off switch. It will be held in place by screws and two wires will attach to it.

London cleaners offer all kind of services for a proper maintenance and repairs.

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