How to Repair a Vacuum Cleaner II

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A lot of the vacuum cleaner characteristics are worth noting for a better maintenance and successful repairs. That way, one of the most essential machines in every household would be serving far longer and save a lot of funds to the owners.

As mentioned in the previous post, the leaks in the vacuum hose are among the most common reasons for repairs. Now, let’s see what are the other cases.

When you encounter low suction, follow the steps of the professional London cleaners. Dirty or worn out filters are most often the cause of low suction in a vacuum. They restrict the airflow. Open your vacuum and inspect the filters. Remove them and give a good shaking if they are dirty. Wash with warm water and some detergent. Allow them to dry well, then fit back into the vacuum. If the filters are very dirty or worn out, simply replace them with new ones.

Sometimes a clogged hose will cause poor suction. This problem can usually be addressed by cleaning. Remove your hose and peer into it. If you detect some obstruction, hold one end of the hose over a garbage can. Lift the other end high and shake it thoroughly. This should clear the hose and improve suction.

A loud noise or vibration from the brush area usually indicates a cracked brush. Open the vacuum and reach for the brush. The vacuum brush is usually surrounded by the drive belt. Remove the belt and inspect the brush for any cracks. A cracked brush needs to be replaced.

Foreign objects can cause poor suction in a vacuum cleaner. These are most often found in the hose. Detach the hose and look into it from one end. If it is clogged, you will be unable to see through to the other end. Use a wire coat hanger or some similar item to gently prod out the foreign matter. Torn filters can also cause objects to get lodged anywhere else in the vacuum. Inspect carefully for any foreign objects once you open the vacuum and remove them.

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