How to Prepare your Pet for Moving Day

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moving-with-pets-1Moving to a new home or even new town can be a very stressful experience. You have to deal with packing, labelling, check out report, movers, etc. You wonder whether you are going to receive your security deposit back or your landlord is going to charge you for some tiny scratch. So if this is the way you feel, imagine how your pet handles such a situation. Cats and dogs are intelligent animals and they feel that something is going to happen. Therefore, you should pay extra attention to them and help them with the moving and adaptation in the new home.


As long as the dog is with his owner, with the person he loves, he will feel safe and sound. The dog can perceive the moving process as one of his regular walks, because he is used to get out of home every day. At the new property just show the dog his place for sleeping and playing. He will walk around to sniff the new home and soon he will start wiggling his tail.moving-with-pets-2


moving-with-pets-3Cats are a bit tougher to handle during the moving process. Before you start packing, put the cat in a separate room, where she can feel at ease. While she is in there, let the movers take the boxes and the furniture, call the inventory clerk from London to perform the check out report. It’s better for the cat not to see unfamiliar people.

Put the cat in a special carrier, when you transport her to the new home. Cats are not like dogs, they definitely don’t enjoy going out of their safe home, let alone ride in a car.

When you arrive at the new property, put her again in a separate room with her toys and bed. Unpack and arrange all the furniture and then let her out, so she can explore her new territory.

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