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cleaning-fat-stainsGrease stains are difficult to get rid of. Not if you know some easy and smart tips which will help you to deal with fat. It’s important to know, that even if you don’t have a cleaning solution to use right away, there are certain common products, available in every home, that will do the trick.

The first step includes covering the affected area with liquid dish detergent. It will be better if the product has no colour, so that it will not damage the fabric further, by colouring it in blue or green. However if your dish washing product is coloured, according to some cleaners, you must dilute it with a little bit of water.

After applying your cleaning product on the fabric, it comes the time to rub it gently. The result will be immediate and you will see how the fat dissolves. The dish detergents are made to absorb grease, so that is probably the best thing to use, when dealing with this kind of stain.

Next you must rinse the fabric with not other than white vinegar, to remove the dish washing product and then wash it as usual. If the stain is stubborn, cleaning specialists from Southgate advise to repeat the process, until there are no visible traces of the stain. After that you can put the clothes in the washing machine and wash as usual.

It is already proven that this particular method can help you get rid of a boat engine grease on a white shirt. So just be patient and repeat if necessary until you achieve results, you are fully satisfied with. After that all you can do is enjoy your clean garment.

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