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cleaning-watchHave ever thought about your watch getting dirty? Probably not, as our days are so busy nowadays, usually people forget about their watches and that they need regular cleaning as any other thing in your possession. Sweat, dust or any other kind of dirt can be seen on your watch. The various dirt can easily reach your wrist and leave unpleasant marks. So, here in this article you can learn how to clean and maintain your watch effectively.

At the beginning, try to disconnect the bracelet from the watch itself, so you can clean more efficiently. In case, when you can’t remove it, then proceed with extreme caution and be very careful. If you happen to wet your watch you can damage it, even if it is water resistant. However, with this fine technique, provided by a cleaning company in London, you easily clean your watch.

First of all, make a cleaning solution with some water and rubbing alcohol or dish soap. Stir it thoroughly and let the bracelet soak there for a few minutes. If your bracelet is deeply polluted you should soak it for longer time. Then, use a soft toothbrush and scrub carefully the links of the bracelet on both sides. Inspect afterwards, if you cleaned completely. Next, with a dry clean cloth make sure to dry the bracelet and then reconnect it with the watch. However, you are not finished. Pick a slightly damp rag and wipe the watch itself.

For better results, the deep cleaning services advise to use a mixture of water and white vinegar for polishing. You can achieve amazing look just by using this simple substance.

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