House Cleaning: Varieties of Vacuum Cleaners

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There are many varieties of this essential cleaning machine. Every type has its own advantages, drawbacks and specific applications. This list of different types of vacuum cleaners will help you determine which will best suit your unique needs.

Upright vacuums consist of suction brushes, which form the lower part of the vacuum cleaner. Upright vacuums are the most popular choices for cleaning carpets, and typically have excellent suction ability. The drawbacks of this design are weight, lower ability to move under furniture and unsuitability for hardwood, concrete floors and stairs.

The canister vacuums have the motor in a canister unit, which is connected to the suction head with a long, flexible plastic hose. Canister vacuums are highly suited for hard floors, but can also do well on carpets. The design makes these vacuums easy to use under furniture and other hard to reach places. The light weight also makes these machines the ideal choice for house cleaning, because thy are good for vacuuming stairs.

A central vacuum system consists of a motor in the basement or garage, inlets installed in different rooms of the house, suction head and hose. A central vacuum system is probably the most expensive and efficient option. You do not have to carry a vacuum cleaner from room to room. Vacuum each room with the suction head and hose, and move the debris towards the inlet in that room. The debris is then collected in the central bag, at a remote location. Central vacuum cleaners are highly efficient, and lower the cleaning work involved. You also do not have to replace or empty the bags very often, as they tend to be substantially large.

London cleaning specialists use a lot of vacuum cleaner types, allowing you to choose the type that suits you best.

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