Home-Made Solutions for Mould Removal

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mouldMould is an unwelcome guest, indeed. The moisture in your house can make the tiny moulds grow faster than you expect. Do not think that the mouldy environment is just a little bit annoying. In fact, there are many dangers caused by fungi. Symptoms like fatigue, exhaustion, distraction and need of sleep are bad, but some consequences are just terrifying – blindness, cancer, dementia. It looks like leaving in a humid home is not very promising. You need to learn more about some mould removal procedures.

The procedure that I’m talking about is a recent development. You need to locate mould first. Not surprisingly, the high level of moisture and the lack of ventilation are clear signs of possible mould growth. And, of course, the absence of regular cleaning is another prerequisite.

After you locate the mould breeding ground, you need a fan or dehumidifier. You must dry all the things in the area. If some items are damaged too much, you have to throw them away, especially if these items are made of paper, unless the effect is next to insignificant.

Next comes the disinfecting part. The specialists in cleaning recommend some home-made methods. A nice solution for disinfecting is a mixture of 1 cup vinegar, a bucket of water and half a cup full with liquid soap. This solution should be used for cleaning, before everything is left to dry up thoroughly.

In any case of hesitation, you can call the end of tenancy cleaners West End. Using home-made solutions is sometimes disapproved by home owners. Perhaps they feel too clueless and prefer to let the professionals do their work.

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