Gardening in January

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Usually during winter time you don’t have a lot of tasks in the garden. However, this doesn’t mean that you should completely forget about it. In this post you can find several useful tips for your garden and plants during cold and snowy January.


Water the Plants Rarely

Plants also hibernate during winter and if you water them too often, you will interrupt their natural cycle and they will think it’s time to become active again. Have in mind that garden plants may not survive the conditions inside your home, so better leave them outside. The plants that usually grow more during winter, should be watered regularly and more often than the others.


Clean off the Dust

If you want to enjoy the beauty of your indoor plants longer, you should remove the dust from their leaves on a weekly basis. Dust limits the access of fresh air and sunlight, which are needed for the normal life of a plant.

Look up in a book or in the Internet which of your flowers are fond of warm baths. Rinse them with warm (not hot) water and they will express their gratitude with beautiful blossoms and healthy leaves.


Find New Seeds

It’s a good idea to spend some of the cold winter days researching what new seeds you will need for the next gardening season. You can also equip your garden with new pots in different colours and sizes, which will make your yard even more beautiful. Another suggestion is to buy ordinary pots and then decorate them according to your taste.


Clean the Gardening Tools

Winter is the best time to perform an overall cleaning of your gardening tools and get them ready for spring. Remove all the dirt and dust, that they have gathered during the year. Rinse and dry them off completely to avoid rusting. You can even apply linseed oil on them for better protection.gardening-tools-winter

Enjoy Your Garden

The experienced gardeners advise to avoid walking over the snowy lawn, because this can damage the soil. But you can still enjoy your garden during the winter – just take a chair outside and grab a blanket, a nice book or a hot cup of tea.


Although, winter is not that colourful as spring and summer, you can still find the beauty in it and admire it.

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