7 New Purposes for the Lonely Old Socks

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I’m sure that every housewife has lost at least one sock in the washing machine. And no matter how much I want to help you find it, I can’t. Scientists still don’t know how socks magically disappear and where they go. However, if you want to give the lonely sock a second chance, here are several creative ideas, which will bring it back to use.sock-toys

Rag or Duster

Kids often make messes and if you wonder with what to clean them, the old sock can serve as a rag or a duster. In this way you will save money from buying microfibre cloths.

Sock Toy


Surprise your child with a cute sock toy. You will need a needle, thread, yarn and several buttons or beads. Put your imagination to work and create a unique toy. If you lack inspiration, check out these great DIY tutorials.

Feet Warmer

I know that usually this is the main purpose of socks, but here I have something else in mind. Fill the sock with rice, tie it well and put it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes. After that your feet can enjoy the warmth for a long time.

Hair Band


Socks are usually very elastic, so if you cut one in circles you’ll have lots of hair bands to use at home. Or you can cut the tip of the sock, roll it and then use it for making the perfect hair bun.

Skin Softener

If the skin of your feet or hands is too rough, you can soften it very easily. Before you go to bed, rub them thoroughly with cream and after that put two old cotton socks on them. You will be amazed by the great result in the morning.

Air Freshener

Another great idea for reusing old and lonely socks is to turn them into air fresheners. Fill a sock with sprigs of dried lavender and put it in the wardrobe against moths. If you want to refresh your living room, fill the sock with cinnamon sticks and dried flowers.

Creative Insulation


A perfect way to reuse an old sock is to make a huge stuffed snake from it. This snake can be put in front of doors or windows to prevent the cold air from getting inside your home. Such a fun and creative way to insulate a room, don’t you think? If you want to make this sock snake, follow the tutorial here.

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